Alittle About Us...

We’re Brilliant Beauty College

Welcome to Brilliant Beauty College the top model Hair Dressing and Beauty College in Kenya and the gateway to professional hairdressers and beauticians. Your raw talent and creative visions of beauty is what make you unique. You can turn your passion into your livelihood at the college.

Is beauty your calling?

Have you been dreaming of a career doing hair or makeup?

We understand you and that’s why we are here to assist you to become one. At Brilliant Beauty College, our goal is just simple, your success in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy, you will get the knowledge you need to succeed in a career as a cosmetologist.

What we offer

The gateway to professional hairdressers and beauticians

Our Campus is fully equipped and our programs are designed to teach theoretical and practical fundamentals, business education, and personal responsibility. We do that by utilizing hands-on training under instructor’s guidance.

From the first day of orientation to the day you become a professional hairdresser and/or beautician. You can count on us to help you in every step of your career development. Gain practical experience under the guidance of passionate and professional educators and build your career after which you can get into self-employment or get employed in the globally competitive dynamic beauty industry which is growing every day.

A hairdressing and beauty career is filled with rewards, creativity, and socialization. Income potential from this career is only limited by the amount of time one is willing and able to work.

Why Study With US?

Hands-on accredited hair and beauty program

If you are creative, flexible, hardworking, and dedicated, there is no better place to start your career in cosmetology, where you have fully dedicated professionals who will offer practical training in all facets of the beauty industry. Our student-oriented program focuses on personalized attention and trains students in theory and practical experiences, which can prepare them for entry-level employment positions. Throughout the program, students work with real people in a professional studio setting to develop their skills and special talents. Our small class sizes allow students to focus on their individual strengths, curiosities, passions, and goals.


What our clients say

We’re here to help you shape the future.