What Does a Cosmetologist Do?


Cosmetology is the study and application of beauty products and treatments for the hair, skin, and nails specifically. Cosmetologists are responsible for the beautification of their clients. They use hairstyling, makeup, and nail art to improve a client’s confidence and self-esteem.

Cosmetologists provide haircuts, hair styling, hair coloring, skincare, makeup artistry, nail care, and other beauty services. Thus, being a cosmetologist requires a great deal of patience, creativity, and attention to detail.


  • Style and clean wigs
  • Braid, plait and weave
  • Cut, dry, and style hair
  • Wash, color, lighten, and condition hair
  • Clean and disinfect all tools and work area
  • Recommend hair care products to customers
  • Manage billing and electronic record keeping
  • Provide facial treatment, makeup and skin analysis
  • Provide massage treatment
  • Provide and recommend the appropriate hair removal technique
  • Can provide manicures, pedicures, and nail technology services
  • Analyze hair, skin, and scalp to recommend beauty treatment

Course Duration

Combine in-class & hands-on training to learn; Introduction to cosmetology, consultation, Draping, Shampooing, Conditioning, Blow-styling, Barbering (Level, Bald style, Box style, Fade cut style, Mohawk style, Simple hair tattooing styles), Plaiting, braiding, crocheting, Dreadlocks – (installation, retouch) Hair setting and styling, Chemical – (caustic hair chemical), Basic weaving, Hair color – (Temporally and semi-permanent hair colors)

Hair removal (Tweezing, Eyebrow Waxing, Threading and Razoring), Manicure treatment, Pedicure treatment, Attachment of artificial nails (stick on), Arm and Hand, Leg and Feet, Head and Face massage, Henna treatment, Basic skin care, Basic facial Make-up, Communication skills, Entrepreneurship skills and Employability skills.

Combine in-class & hands-on training to learn; Introduction to cosmetology, Reception, Consultation, Revernish, Mini-manicure, Hair removal – (Tweezing, Razoring, Threading, Eye brow and body waxing), Manicure treatment- (oil manicure, paraffin wax manicure, electric manicure, booth manicure, Pedicure treatment, Attachment of artificial nails (stick on and tip), Nail disorders and diseases, Henna treatment, Swedish massage, Body scrub/exfoliation, Anatomy and physiology of the skin, Basic skin care, Facial treatment, Face Make-up, False eyelashes, Use of micro blading pen, Ear piercing.

Tricology, Draping, Shampooing, Conditioning, Blow-styling, Thermal styling, Hair Setting and Styling, Barbering -(bald style, level style, box style, fade style, Mohawk style, scissor over comb, clipper over comb, Creative hair tattooing styles), Plaiting, braiding and crocheting, weaving, Dreadlocks – (installation, retouch, sister locks, instant locs, micro locks), Hair color – (temporally, Semi- permanent, quassy, permanent, bleaching and toning), Chemical – (caustic and thio hair chemical), Communication skills, Entrepreneurship skills, Employability skills, Salon management

You must complete the ten monthly diploma courses so that you can proceed to this level. It’s a combination of in-class & hands-on training to learn; Introduction to cosmetology, creative Plaiting and braiding, locs crafting, Artificial locs, locs cleansing, Hair coloring – (creative application of crazy Permanent hair color, Bleaching, Toning, De-coloring, International color chart system) Haircutting – (Graduated cut, Layered cut, Fashion cut, Blunt cut, Scissor – over comb,  clipper – over comb), Wig  making and hair extensions, Hair bonding, Ponytail with a fringe bang and Salon management.

Human anatomy and physiology, Advanced body treatment ( Deep tissue massage, Hot stone massage, Chair Massage, Aromatherapy, Indian head massage, Shoulder massage using palm hand massager machine) Skin care specialist (Advanced skin diseases and disorders, Facial treatment using the following, Electrotherapy, Galvanic currents, High frequency, Vacuum extractor, Facial steamer, Magnification lamp, Ultrasonic, Brushes, Hot and Cold Hammer, wood lamp, Microdermabrasion) Creative make-up – (Theatrical / special effects make-up, Fantasy make-up) Nail technology (Nail technology services, Gel polish (Normal, Ombre, Mable, Eye cat, color changer), spider gel, Gel overlays, Acrylic on natural nails, Acrylic overlays , Acrylic Deeping powder, Hybrid / polymer / gum / Acry gel, Sculptured nails, Gel overlays, Encapsulated nails, 3D (It has extreme details glued to the nails, such as jewels, flowers, lace, bows, or anything else you can imagine) Nail wraps, Nail strips, Nail stickers, Nail foils, Nail stamp and Gemstones/crystals etc), Different nail shapes, Spa management.

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